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Autism Spectrum Support

"ShineBright has been able to cement a bond with my son who is very challenging, especially in the motivational/high anxiety situations.  He also is very organized in moving toward goals with little steps, which is immense, when faced with seemingly impossible barriers.”

- H.L. (Parent of one of our clients)

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services for people on autism spectrum in ct

High-Quality / Independent-Minded Mentoring.

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ShineBright Mentoring

612 Town Colony Dr.

Middletown, CT 06457

ShineBright Mentoring guides individuals on the Autism Spectrum with the goal of becoming independent and socially capable.

We bring individuals out into the community to get "real-world" experience.

We focus on: exercise / real-world navigation skills / and social engagement (such as going to museums with mentors and sometimes - other clients).

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What we do and why.

We provide Autism Services throughout the state of CT.

High-quality Autism Services in CT are essential for making our community more harmonious, productive, and advanced.

 Integrating individuals on the Spectrum – builds a society that utilizes the many talents brought to the table by these intelligent and caring people - many want to be given the chance – but the bridge to this gap must be filled by focused and proactive support.


 The support that we provide prioritizes:

independent living

                              ●   pinpointing challenges

                                   ●   finding best solutions to those                                                         challenges

                 While concurrently:

                              ●   pinpointing interest and talents

                                   ●   finding best way to fit these into                                                     community